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Tech Advisor
101 Euston Road
Telephone: 020 7756 2800
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Tech Advisor Editorial Team

Marie Black
 Editor In Chief
(author profile | email Marie)

Jim Martin
Executive Editor
(author profile | email Jim)

Dominic Preston
 Deputy Editor
(author profile | email Dom)

Chris Martin
 Reviews Editor
(author profile | email Chris)

Henry Burrell
 Phones Editor
(author profile | email Henry)

Alex Walker-Todd
 Consumer Tech Editor
(author profile | email Alex)

Emma Rowley
Home Tech Editor
(author profile | email Emma)

Lewis Painter
 Senior Staff Writer
(author profile | email Lewis)

Hannah Cowton
Senior Staff Writer
(author profile | email Hannah)

Anyron Copeman
Senior Staff Writer
(author profile | email Anyron)

Dominik Tomaszewski
 Multimedia Editor
(email Dom)

Please note that it is against Foundry policy to accept guest posts. All editorial is produced in-house or by our team of trusted freelance journalists. We do, however, have a range of custom content solutions available upon request.

Other Tech Advisor Contacts

Ashleigh Macro
Head of Affiliate
(author profile | email Ashleigh)

Jonathan Busse
 Advertising & Custom Content Solutions
(email Jonny)

Tom Hopkins Content & Award Licensing
(email Tom)

Matthew Hislop Campaign Management
(email Matt)

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