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Tech Advisor's 25-year legacy began in August 1995 when we launched PC Advisor print magazine. The website followed in 1996, and in June 2017 we rebranded as Tech Advisor. Fast-forward to today, and Tech Advisor has become Foundry's premier global mobile-focused brand.

The rebrand to Tech Advisor was an acknowledgement of the changing tech habits of general consumers. We recognised that demand for the traditional desktop PC was waning, while smartphones, tablets and laptops were fast becoming the new personal computer.

We shifted our focus to match, prioritising our coverage of mobile devices, but continuing to deliver expert commentary on subjects as diverse as wearable technology, computing, smart home and appliances, entertainment and gaming, audio, accessories, security, software and services.

Tech Advisor attracts buyers of all experience levels across the whole range of consumer technology - and now we cater to small- and micro-businesses, too.

With strong ties to all the major manufacturers, as well as incredible product knowledge built from years covering the consumer tech industry, Tech Advisor is uniquely positioned to tell users and influencers what to buy, and how to get more from their purchases.

We are there at all stages of the tech experience, informing users about new and upcoming products, then helping them choose the best tech for their needs - and at the best prices. After purchase we provide advice on accessories, tips and tricks for getting the most out of their new gear, as well as troubleshooting advice.

You can learn more about the award-winning editors behind Tech Advisor on our Authors page, and please do feel free to contact us with any query or concern. You will also find us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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About IDG Inc and Foundry

Tech Advisor is owned by Foundry (formerly IDG Communications), a subsidiary of IDG Inc, which was acquired by Blackstone in 2021. We are the world’s leading technology media, data and marketing services company. We influence the most powerful tech buyers in the world - from business technologists to enthusiasts and everyone in between.

Technology is constantly evolving, with each change bringing a need for clarity. Through our websites, events and international publications, Foundry provides the insights that tech buyers need to put technology to work in their professional and personal lives.

From our audience's declared data and behaviour, we’re able to form a unique picture of their purchasing intent, identifying high-value prospects for our marketing clients across media and demand-generation.

Our marketing services accelerate purchasing and deepen engagement, leveraging our history of creating actionable content to help audiences understand technology. We create custom content with marketing impact across digital, video, mobile, social and research, employing our intimate knowledge of our client’s goals.

For the past 50 years, Foundry has been operating independent businesses in some 97 countries, but in 2021 our consumer editorial team now works as one slick machine, with expert tech journalists in the UK, US, Australia, France, Spain, Germany, Poland, Sweden and beyond. We have never been better equipped to produce high-quality content for a truly global audience.

As such, Tech Advisor now joins its sister sites as one of Foundry's four premier global consumer technology brands. The other three are PCWorld, which remains 100% committed to the most versatile tech gadget in human history (the PC), Macworld, the essential source for passionate Apple users, and TechHive, our dedicated smart home and home entertainment brand.

Tech Advisor is also affiliated with Tech Advisor France

Affiliate Links, Sponsored Content & Advertising

Tech Advisor earns revenue through a mixture of responsible advertising (we do not accept gambling or pornographic ads), clearly marked up sponsored content, and affiliate links.

Affiliate links are those that you may click on within our content that take you to an online retailer or manufacturer to learn more about its products. Should you purchase goods from the vendor, we may be paid a small commission.

As an Amazon Associate and a partner with Awin, CJ, Impact, Rakuten, Tradedoubler, Webgains and other affiliate services, we earn on qualifying purchases.

This does not affect our editorial independence.

Affiliate links are generated automatically by the site, and do not apply to all the products we cover. Our journalists are generally unaware of how much commission - if any - Tech Advisor receives from a purchase.

Any recommendation (or criticism) is based on our experts believing that the product is the best (or not the best) in its class. Read full details on how we test.

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