For the last two years QuakeCon went digital, and while you might have hoped that 2022 would see a return to a physical event, I'm afraid you'd better lower those hopes right now, as QuakeCon 2022 is all-digital all over again - but that doesn't mean there isn't a lot to look forward to when it arrives this summer.

Bethesda’s annual celebration of its games - initially Quake of course, but now with a bigger focus on the likes of DOOM, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and more - always features a host of tournaments, giveaways, livestreams, and game reveals.

Last year the company had plenty to announce at the show, so we're hoping for a similarly big spectacle when it kicks off later this year.

And the best news is that Bethesda says that it's "committed to returning with our full in-person festival in 2023," meaning this should be the last year that QuakeCon stays online.

When is QuakeCon 2022?

QuakeCon will take place in August as usual, running from 18-20 August - though all of the panels with major announcements are expected to take place on the first day.

How to watch QuakeCon 2022 online

Since QuakeCon is taking place online that means you’ll be able to watch absolutely everything from home if you’re so inclined.

The best place to watch everything will be the publisher’s official Twitch channel, but highlights will likely also appear on its YouTube account, so make sure you’re subscribed to both.

What to expect from QuakeCon this year

Bethesda has promised that QuakeCon will include "exciting new streaming programming, online meetups, giveaways, charity opportunities, the virtual BYOC, and more" with a full schedule set to arrive in June.

Of course the main draw for many will always be game announcements, trailers, and gameplay footage from upcoming titles.

The biggest panels on the schedule are usually all on day one, and this year we'll be hoping to hear more about Starfield and maybe Elder Scrolls 6 if we're lucky - along with updates on the likes of Fallout 76 and Elder Scrolls Online.

If we're really lucky we may even hear about new games entirely, especially since it's been a while since we heard about new Doom or Wolfenstein projects.

This will also be the second QuakeCon since Bethesda was bought by Microsoft, so expect to hear about a few Xbox-exclusives, or new DLC or offers tied to Microsoft platforms.