Motorola has made a great comeback in recent years, producing some of the best phones on the market. Its strength is its diversity – you can buy a budget or premium Moto phone, depending on your needs and tastes, and still get a quality and consistent user experience.

Motorola – nowadays owned by Lenovo – focuses on a consistent design ethic, has software close to stock Android and, often, offers incredible value for money. The Moto G series is a consistently-excellent choice for those looking for a genuinely excellent budget phone.

But Moto also makes the more expensive Edge line to cater to bigger budgets, including the fresh-faced Edge 20 series and that's before we mention the return of the Razr.

Best Motorola phones 2022


Motorola Edge 20 - Best overall

Motorola Edge 20
  • Pros: Great display | Respectable battery life | Easy-to-use user experience
  • Cons: Inconsistent cameras | Mono speaker | Plastic build

In our review, we dubbed the standard Edge 20, "the Goldilocks of the series", not just because it slots in between the Edge 20 Lite and 20 Pro but it proved to offer the best bang for your buck across the trio.

While all three Edge 20 phones boast a 6.7in OLED display, the Edge 20's (and 20 Pro's) 144Hz panel is a particular joy to use, and while the phone lacks the extra oomph afforded to the beefier Pro model, it still delivers, in terms of mid-range performance, while also serving up a clean, easy-to-use Android experience – as Motorolas are known to do.

So long as you're not a Moto fan after the company's best camera phone right now, the Edge 20 otherwise covers all the important stuff competently.

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Motorola Edge 20 Pro - Best for performance

Motorola Edge 20 Pro
  • Pros: Great display | Respectable battery life | Clean user experience
  • Cons: Overpriced | Average cameras | Underwhelming ingress protection

What you might assume is the best of the Edge 20 trio that Motorola introduced alongside one another in mid-2021, we get the Pro model was priced a little too high, considering what other rivals offer and just how much the standard Edge 20 brings to the table.

That said, you can still expect a stunning 6.7in 144Hz OLED display, stereo speakers, great performance from the phone's Snapdragon 870 chipset and a clean user experience.

We just wish it offered more premium features, like wireless charging and ingress protection beyond IP52 (which is what the Pro supports).

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Moto G200 - Great for productivity

Motorola Moto G200
  • Pros: Super-smooth display | Great performance | Affordable mid-ranger
  • Cons: LCD not OLED display tech | Limited OS updates

Don't let the 'Moto M' naming convention fool you, the Moto G200 is, like its predecessor, a powerful device, especially for the price.

That power namely comes courtesy of a flagship-class Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+ chipset, while its large 6.8in display boasts an impressive 144Hz refresh rate. Collectively they render the Moto G200 a bit of a sleeper gaming phone too.

If it's instead productivity you're after, Ready For features on the Moto G200 as well, granting you access to a desktop-like user experience when connecting to an external display.

As for battery life that's also respectable, thanks to a large 5000mAh cell, backed up by 33W fast charging.

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Moto E7i Power - Most affordable

Motorola Moto e7i Power
  • Pros: Ultra affordable | Good battery life | Nice design
  • Cons: No USB-C | Lacklustre camera

Once you recognise just how cheap the Moto E7i Power is, it’s hard not to be impressed by everything you’re getting.

Performance – an area cheap phones so often cut corners on – is surprisingly great, despite what the benchmarks imply. There was no need for Motorola to change what was already great software, while the modern design does a good job of imitating more expensive handsets.

The cameras are a bit hit-and-miss, but if you’re prepared to be patient, it will pleasantly surprise you. There are compromises dotted throughout the Moto E7i Power, but for what you’re paying, these are incredibly easy to forgive.

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Motorola Razr 5G - Best foldable

Motorola Razr 5G
  • Pros: Elegant folding design | Improved build quality | Better cover display
  • Cons: Slippery and heavy | Middling performance | Price

Obviously, the price alone renders the return of the Razr an aspirational purchase for most, but it's an important handset worth mentioning, nonetheless.

For a phone brand that once rode high and has since settled to serve up solid affordable Android phones instead, the Razr 5G is an impressive statement piece that highlights the company's technical capabilities, as well as reminding us of its pedigree.

There are obvious downsides to getting a foldable flip phone beyond price but this 5G model is more robust and more considered than the 2019 revival, with more power and better cameras to boot.

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Motorola Defy (2021) - Hardiest design

Motorola Defy
  • Pros: Resilient design | Affordable | Clean Android user experience
  • Cons: Lacklustre performance | Low resolution display | Basic cameras

Making a worthwhile rugged phone isn't cheap and yet Motorola's managed to create a solid offering in the revived 2021 Defy.

It struggles to keep step with like-minded rival, the Nokia XR20 – in terms of performance – but we can't knock its hardy design or its sizeable 5000mAh battery; which delivers some exceptional longevity. 20W fast charging isn't the quickest around but we'd rather have it than not.

While the display also misses the mark, with its sub-Full HD resolution, Motorola's clean Android experience does at least ensure the Defy remains nice to use.

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Moto G9 Power - Best for battery life

Moto G9 Power
  • Pros: Affordable | Big, bright display | Water resistance
  • Cons: Plastic build | Lacklustre cameras

The Moto G9 Power offers up great value for money, with a capacious 6000mAh battery validating the phone's name.

The cell offers up enough juice for multiple days usage at a time and the Power also sports a pleasing display and a water-repellent design.

Its cameras are on the underwhelming side but if they're not your top priority, there's still a lot going for the Moto G9 Power, despite its age.

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Moto G60s - Good for battery life

Motorola Moto G60s
  • Pros: 120Hz display on a budget | Great longevity | Great fast charging
  • Cons: Inconsistent cameras | Underwhelming performance | Average value

Specs like 50W fast charging and a 120Hz display are a relative rarity in the budget phone space but the unassuming Moto G60s actually packs in a number of features that surpass expectations.

Even with that super-smooth refresh rate, the phone's 5000mAh battery also grants it superb battery life that, at a push, will last you up to two days at a time.

The rest of G60s' feature set is a little more pedestrian, with middling performance and inconsistent cameras. The G60s also lacks 5G, although that's not entirely surprising for the price.

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Motorola Edge 20 Lite - Nice design

Motorola Edge 20 Lite
  • Pros: Great display | Solid battery life | Nice user experience
  • Cons: Easily outclassed by rivals | Underwhelming performance | Average cameras

While not as competent as its launch siblings – the Edge 20 and 20 Pro – the Lite still offers up perks like a pleasing 6.7in 90Hz OLED display and Motorola's characteristically clean Android user experience.

The competitive price is at odds with the performance the Lite offers, considering how much more rivals around the phone's launch price offer. Unless your budget doesn't stretch and/or you're explicitly in the market for a Motorola, either save up for the standard Edge 20 or look elsewhere.

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Moto G31 - Good value

Motorola Moto G31
  • Pros: Affordable | Great OLED display| Clean Android user experience
  • Cons: Average performance | Middling cameras | Slow charging

Although it's only 60Hz, for the price the Moto G31 spoils with its lovely FUll HD+ OLED display.

The other highlight is Motorola's characteristically clean user experience, while other areas, like cameras and performance are a little behind where we would have liked.

Still, depending on what's important to you, for the price, the G31 isn't to be overlooked instantly.

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