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  • Best backup software for Windows

    best backup software main

    Make copies of important files, and even your entire computer, with these great apps and services

    29 Mar 2022

  • The best VPN services of 2022

    best vpn services 2022

    Stream the video you want and increase your privacy online with these VPN services

    07 Feb 2022

  • Best PC Cleaner Software 2022

    best pc cleanup utilities for pc main

    Clear out the clutter on your hard drive and speed up Windows with these great apps

    03 Feb 2022

  • The Best PDF Editors for 2022

    gettyimages 1134090817

    Need to edit a PDF? Here are the best apps and websites for the job

    14 Jan 2022

  • Seven of the best free VPN services to try right now

    best free vpn services to use in 2022

    Here are 7 usable VPN services that won't cost you a penny

    12 Jan 2022

  • Best Free Antivirus for 2022

    best free antivirus avast one

    Protect your devices from viruses and other threats for free

    11 Jan 2022

  • The best VPN for streaming for 2022

    best streaming vpn

    Unblock video streaming services with these great VPNs

    10 Jan 2022

  • Best coding and STEM toys for kids 2022

    coding stem toys games

    Teach kids coding with these fun, educational games

    20 Dec 2021

  • Best free YouTube downloaders

    best youtube downloaders

    These apps and websites allow you to download YouTube videos

    05 Nov 2021

  • The best free and cheap photo editing software for 2021

    best photo editing apps software 2021 windows

    Don't pay over the odds for photo editing software: get these free and cheap alternatives to Photoshop

    15 Sep 2021

  • Best web browsers 2021

    best web browser main

    These are the best web browsers to use on your phone, tablet and PC

    11 Feb 2021

  • Best Kids Apps: Top Android & iPhone Apps For Children

    best kids apps best games apps for kids phones tablets

    Recommended apps for kids of all ages, from toddlers to teens

    24 Dec 2020

  • The best email apps for Android

    email apps on android

    You don't have to stick with the default clients

    02 Mar 2020

  • The best travel gadgets 2020

    best travel gadgets and tech

    You won't want to fill your hand luggage with too much tech, but some essential gadgets can make your holiday even better

    02 Jan 2020

  • The best Windows VPN 2020

    windows 10

    Use the web securely and anonymously with any of these VPNs optimised for Windows

    02 Jan 2020

  • The best gaming VPN 2020

    best gaming vpn

    Protect yourself while playing online with one of our top picks for the best VPN for gaming

    02 Jan 2020

  • The Best VPNs for Linux

    best vpn for linux

    Not every VPN has a Linux version, and of those that do, not all are created equal. Here are the ones you can trust

    02 Jan 2020

  • The best VPN for Hulu 2020

    how to watch hulu outside the us

    A VPN is the best way to watch Hulu from any country in the world - here are our recommendations

    02 Jan 2020

  • Best Free Video Editing Software

    best free video editors main

    Surprisingly good free video editing software for your PC

    02 Jan 2020

  • Incognito Mode is on the way for Google Maps

    Android phone Google apps

    Leave no trace

    01 Nov 2019

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